When I first took the Fun Factory Big Boss G5 out of its box, the only word I could manage was “Wow.”

I’ve opened plenty of sex toy boxes, but I just couldn’t help it – the Big Boss is a thing of beauty.

It’s realistic, but not in an “uncanny valley” sort of way. It’s more of an abstract dick, with a prominent coronal ridge and stylized veins wrapping around the shaft. Mine is an amazing shade of florescent pink, but it also comes in black and “nude” (a very pale flesh tone). The body of the vibrator is made of medical grade silicone. The texture’s really interesting. I’ve felt glossy, silky, and even rough silicone before, but the only way I can think to describe how this feels is almost a little bit like suede. It’s really nice, but it also attracts every bit of nearby dust, so beware. The silicone portion is about 7″ (17.8 cm) long and it’s 1.8″ (4.6 cm) across at the widest part. It’s a gorgeous chunk of silicone.

My favorite part about it, though, is the flexibility. The entire vibrator, except for about the first inch or so, is solid silicone. Delightfully squishy silicone. I love vibrators as much as the next reviewer. But looking at my collection, it’s easy to see that dildos are where my heart truly lies. And that’s why I love the Big Boss so much. It takes all the things I love about dildos and fuses them with a deliciously rumbly vibrator. The G5 line’s vibrations are apparently 25% stronger than the G4 line’s. I don’t have one to compare, so I can’t speak to that, but I am seriously impressed. There are six levels of steady vibration, and six vibration patterns. The patterns are actually pretty great – they’re all distinct from each other, and they’re not full of frustrating pauses. I usually can’t be bothered with patterns, but I’ve actually been using these fairly frequently. The handle is wonderful. The buttons are clicky and easy to use, but hard to press accidentally, and the loop design is easy to hold onto even when your hands are covered in lube. It’s fully waterproof, rechargeable, and it has an instant off button and a travel lock.

Because it’s so wonderfully chunky, it does take me a bit of warm-up before I can use the Big Boss. I also recommend using a (non-silicone) lube with it, even if you don’t usually need to – the draggy texture can be a little uncomfortable without it. The extra prep is totally worth it, though. It’s wonderfully filling, and while I can’t thrust much with it because of the size, the texture of the silicone accentuates every little movement. The slight curve is perfect, and the coronal ridge hits my G-spot incredibly well. The vibrations are in a class all their own. You know how I’ve raved before about using the Tango in dildos with a bullet cavity, and how amazing it was? This is somehow even better. There’s a huge range of intensity in the steady vibrations, from the gentle purr of the first setting to the glorious rumble of the highest. They somehow travel through the entire silicone portion, but don’t transmit into the handle and make my hand fall asleep. And the density of the silicone is absolutely perfect – firm, but with just the right amount of flex and squish.

If this review has seemed overwhelmingly positive, that’s because I just can’t think of a single bad thing to say about this vibrator. While I adore it, the only thing I feel might not work for everyone is the size. There are a ton of other great options in the G5 line, though, which I feel equally confident recommending. If you’re even a tiny bit interested, you should buy this vibrator. It’s easily the best internal vibrator I’ve ever tried, and has quickly become one of my favorite sex toys. If you like big toys and powerful vibrations, I can’t recommend anything better.

Thank you so much to Good Vibrations, who sent me the Big Boss G5 in exchange for my honest review!


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A shimmery, a-spotting wonder

I’ve wanted to get my hands on the Tantus Tsunami from the moment I laid eyes on it. As a proud texture slut, those gorgeous, defined waves sang to me a siren song. So when Tantus reached out to offer me some of their toys to review, I jumped at the chance to try it out.

It’s a beautiful toy. I know people’s feelings about pink can be complicated, but I am all about Tantus’s particular variety – a vibrant, slightly shade that’s called Strawberry and looks like a shimmery popsicle. If that doesn’t appeal to you, it also comes in two lovely shades of purple. The silicone, which is completely body safe, like all Tantus silicone, is very firm and glossy. It’s a pretty average sized dildo – 6.75 inches long, with a diameter of 1.5 inches. The flared base makes it harness compatible and (while my review will focus on vaginal use) totally anal safe. It also has a bullet cavity, which always makes me happy! A battery operated bullet vibe is included, which is a nice touch. But it’s also a perfect fit for my love, the We-Vibe Tango (which will get a real review one day, I swear!)

A happy coincidence occurred as the Tsunami was on its way to me – I happened upon Girly Juice’s review of it, and read for the first time about the wonder that is the A-spot. Formally known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone, it’s an area at the very end of the front, or anterior, wall of the vagina. Much like its close relative, the G-spot, there’s a lot of speculation as to what makes stimulating this area feel so mind-bendingly awesome, including the interesting theory that it might be the area where all of the nerves in the vagina connect. Whatever the mechanics are, one thing is clear: stimulating the A-spot feels really, really good. Toys like the Tsunami, with the length and curve needed to reach the A-spot, are a wonderful way to do this. Armed with this new knowledge, I was even more excited to try out the Tsunami.

The thing I love most about Tantus toys is that they’re so well designed, with an obvious appreciation of anatomy. These dildos enter my vagina with a battleplan. I’ve written about this before with the Bound, and the Tsunami is no different. It seeks out my A-spot with precision. When I’m trying to hit my A-spot with other toys I sometimes accidentally bump into my cervix, which is a pain, both figuratively and literally. But the Tsunami’s gently curved head swoops past it, and into my A-spot, with ease. My cervix thanks you, Tantus. What really makes it a standout, though, are the ridges. They’re pretty formidable, especially the center one, but with enough lube, they feel amazing on my G-spot. It’s not the same kind of direct, intense sensations you’d get with something like the Pure Wand, but it’s a perfect accompaniment to the A-spot stimulation. Add to that the rumbly vibrations of the Tango, which transmit beautifully through the toy, and the coordinated sensations are like a symphony in my vagina.

I do have a few, very small caveats to add. The first is fairly obvious – if you don’t like texture, this probably isn’t the toy for you. Fear not, though: the Slow Drive Long offers nearly the same direct A-spot stimulation, just without the ridges. And it also makes a great G-spotter, you just won’t be able to hit both areas at the same time. You might also want to avoid the Tsunami if toys have a tendency to get caught on your pubic bone – the ridges are pretty firm, and they mean business. If neither of those things are an issue for you, though, then I wholeheartedly endorse it. For fans of texture looking for something to hit their A-spot, I can’t recommend anything more. It’s a beautiful, well-designed dildo, and I’m thrilled to have it in my collection.

Thanks so much to Tantus, who sent me the Tsunami in exchange for my honest review! 


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I’ve been reviewing toys for almost a whole year now (!) and in the process I’ve amassed a pretty respectable collection. You’d think that since companies send me toys to review, I’d never need to buy any ever again, right? Haha, no. My dildo greed knows no bounds. I mean, it’s hardly my fault. Being a part of the sex toy review community means my Twitter feed is a constant stream of two things: gorgeous pictures of shiny new toys, and updates on the latest sales. I only have so much willpower. However, with the reviews I do for companies, I don’t have a lot of time leftover to talk about the toys that I’ve bought myself. And a lot of them are “scream it from the rooftops” amazing. So I’m starting up a new feature, Collection Spotlight! These will essentially be mini-reviews, giving me a chance to talk about toys I yammer on about in other reviews, top-drawer favorites, and toys that I love but have already been reviewed 5000 times (yes, the Mona 2).


My favorite dual-density dildo.

The first toy I want to talk about is one of my Top 3 favorites: The Vixen Creations Vixskin Mustang. This is the dildo that started it all. Before I even knew sex toy blogging was a thing, I used to stay up late pouring over the inventory on sites like Babeland. One fateful night, I ended up on Vixen Creation’s website. I was looking at the Tie-Bright Mustang, wondering if I could really justify spending a hundred bucks on a dildo (HAHA) when I noticed a tiny link that said “see a review”. Intrigued, I clicked, and my life was changed forever. The link led to Epiphora’s blog, which I spent the whole night reading. Then I spent the next week going through her entire blogroll. Within a month, I launched my blog.

Despite the fact that it brought me into sex toy reviewing, I didn’t get my hands on a Mustang until months later. In honor of my conquering a particularly stressful semester, my boyfriend offered to buy me any sex toy I wanted. And it was so utterly, completely, worth the wait. Every single thing about this dildo is perfect. The Tie-Bright color is so beautifully vibrant. The slight curve and the major coronal ridge are exactly what my vagina wants and needs. And Vixskin, Vixen’s dual-density silicone, is plush and bouncy and dreamy. The squishy outer layer feels like what would happen if a gummy bear and a marshmallow had a baby, and the firm inner core creates just enough pressure to back it up. The first time I used the Mustang, my Mona 2 died on me, and it was still an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Seriously, if you ever get the chance, get yourself some Vixskin. While the Mustang is firmly my favorite, there’s a Vixskin dildo to please everyone, from the teeny Spur to the massive Randy. In a collection of over thirty dildos, with more being added every day, my Mustang remains a consistent standout. In short, it’s amazing, and we’re getting married.

I am beyond excited to announce my blog’s very first giveaway! And even more excited about the prize. I’m partnering with Sexy Time Toys to bring one lucky winner the rumbly goodness of the We-Vibe Tango!



The Tango is easily one of my favorite toys. I haven’t done a dedicated review of it yet, but I’ve still blathered on endlessly about my love for it in other reviews. It’s small, but mighty. It’s probably the strongest non-wand vibrator I own. It’s also a team player – it fits into most toys with a bullet cavity and utilizes its amazing, rumbly vibrations to help them become better versions of themselves.

I’m so excited I get to give this to someone!

Terms and conditions are as follows:

  • This giveaway runs through the month of October, from October 1st, 2015 to 12:00 AM on October 31st, 2015 (GMT).
  • You must be able to legally purchase sex toys in order to enter. The giveaway widget has an 18+ restriction, but please check your local laws to be sure you can enter!
  • The giveaway is open to the US and Canada only. (Something will be coming along soon for international readers!)
  • I will contact the winner of the giveaway by email. Once contacted, you will have one week to respond. If you do not, another winner will be drawn. You will also need to provide me your address so that the prize can be shipped to you.

Good luck!

We-Vibe Tango Giveaway




Before I address anything else about the Jimmyjane Form 5, there’s something I need to get out of the way: this vibrator looks like a flapjack octopus.

Not that I mind! I love a sense of whimsy in my sex toys. I just can’t properly review the Form 5 without speaking to the fact that it looks like a sea creature.




I have to admit, that was what drew me to it at first. The more I learned about it, though, the more excited I got. The design is pretty brilliant: the wings at the end of the Form 5, creating fluttering, teasing sensations, while the Pleasure Dome, the raised area in the middle, provides more firm, targeted vibration. This sensory combination lines up well with a variety of bits – using it on nipples, the head of a penis, and the perineum are all things that Jimmyjane suggests. But the thing I was most excited to try out was its ability to stimulate both my labia and my clit simultaneously. Now, I have plenty of vibrators, like the Hitachi, and more recently the Swan Wand, that offer broad stimulation. But they vibrate everything they touch with reckless abandon. The Form 5 promised precise sensations to both my clit and labia at the same time – a careful and measured symphony of sensation, rather than the bold, but decidedly un-subtle power ballad of a wand vibrator.


From the front – intuitive, simple controls


Here you can see the wings and Pleasure Dome.


The Form 5 is the first Jimmyjane toy I’ve ever gotten to try, and I was really impressed by how well-made it looked. The shape is super ergonomic, conforming perfectly to my hand. The silicone coating the vibrator isn’t the smoothest I’ve felt – it’s not nearly as silky as LELO’s – but it’s still really nice, and the wings are very supple and flexible. The Form 5 comes with a little conductive charging station with a USB cable. It’s simple, and really cute. It looks like a little display stand. It also has an impressive battery life: one two-hour charge will keep it running for four hours. It’s also fully waterproof (as any decent octopus should be). The controls are simple and intuitive. There are two buttons on the face of the toy. One has a plus and minus symbol, and adjusts the vibration intensity. The other cycles through the patterns. There are three, in addition to the steady vibration setting, and they’re actually pretty nice! Usually I don’t like patterns, but the Form 5’s are smooth and flowing, with none of the sudden stops in vibration that some vibrator patterns have. And you can adjust the vibration intensity on all of the patterns, which is great, and needs to be a thing on all vibrators with patterns, forever.


Nestled in the charging stand

Unfortunately, I was a lot less impressed with the Form 5 once I’d actually used it. The wings are absolutely wonderful at labial stimulation. They line up perfectly with me, fluttering against my inner labia. As a sex toy reviewer, I often end up masturbating when I’m not completely turned on, and after a stressful day it can be hard to get into the right mindframe sometimes. The Form 5 is a great remedy for this: the gentle, teasing sensations relax me, while making me eager for more. And that’s where the issues begin. I usually need to use a lot of pressure with a vibrator in order to orgasm. But when I try to press the Form 5 against me more firmly, the wings stop feeling relaxing and gentle and start to feel stabby. The Pleasure Dome, the raised area between the wings, also refuses to work for me. No matter how I positioned the Form 5, the Pleasure Dome will only barely, tantalizing touch my clit. “Please touch my clit.” I beg it. “Please. You guys would be so great together!” But it refuses. Fit issues like this are unavoidable with a toy that targets multiple areas anatomically. But I don’t have a particularly buried clit, so I’m worried it could be an problem for a lot of people who want to use it this way. And I also ended up being a little disappointed with the vibrations. While they’re pretty rumbly on lower settings, the get a lot buzzier on the higher ones, especially in the wings. This doesn’t matter too much if I’m just using it on my labia – they don’t mind surface-level vibrations – but my clit demands to be rumbled.

The other suggested uses have their own issues as well. Nipple stimulation is a bit of a mixed bag. The wings feel absolutely wonderful, fluttery and teasing in the best way. But when I try to use the Pleasure Dome on my nipples, like the manual suggests, I run into the same problem that I have when I use it on my clit. And because my boobs don’t have labia, the wings just sort of press into me awkwardly, like even they aren’t really sure what they’re doing there. In the interest of science, I passed the Form 5 to my boyfriend, so that he could test how it works on penises. He pronounced it “mildly pleasant” and then asked if he could go back to playing Far Cry.

I had high hopes for the Form 5, but it just wasn’t right for me. It is, without a doubt, the best labia stimulator I own. But that’s not enough by itself. And that’s really disappointing, because it’s a brilliant and unique design. It just doesn’t really follow through on the promises that it makes. I would love if Jimmyjane made an updated version (a Form 5.2?) with a more pronounced Pleasure Dome, and a more rumbly motor. And the current Form 5 could still work for a person with a more prominent clitoris, or who likes buzzier vibrations. But those are some pretty big caveats for a toy at this pricepoint. It’s an interesting design with a lot of potential. But unless an updated version comes out, there are just too many more reliable options at similar, or even better, pricepoints for me to recommend this one.

A big thank you to Good Vibrations, who sent me the Form 5 in exchange for an honest review!


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I’ve wanted to try the Leaf Life from the moment I saw it. I mean it’s just so cute! What’s not to like about a tiny vibrator shaped like a leaf? It’s magical! So when Sexy Time Toys offered me a chance to review the Leaf Life+, I was ecstatic!

Just look at how cute it is.

Sexy Time Toys is a relative newcomer to the sex toy market – they just opened shop in May. They’ve built up an impressive inventory in that time. Their online store is full of quality, body-safe toys from many of my favorite brands, like Tantus, We-Vibe and LELO. They even stock the coveted Swan Wand! Their website has a clean, easy-to-navigate layout that makes finding your new favorite toy simple. Sexy Time Toys is a passionate and dedicated sex toy retailer, and I can absolutely and confidently recommend buying from them.

I don’t usually comment on it in my reviews, but I absolutely love the way the Life+ is packaged. In keeping with the “eco-friendly” theme, the box is made of recycled cardboard. It has a really simple, well-thought-out design with a list of all the features and a silhouette of the vibrator inside. It has a magnetic closure and is more than sturdy enough for long term storage. But there’s also a canvas storage bag included, if sex toy storage space is at a premium for you (it is for me!)

Stylish and functional.

The Life+ is made of a rigid, ABS plastic body coated in a layer of smooth silicone. Unlike the original Leaf line, which is a bright green, the Leaf+ line is a violet color. The manual says that the change was inspired by the changing colors of leaves themselves. And while they did choose a really pretty shade of purple, I can’t help but long for what might have been. Part of what appealed to me about the original Leaf line was the vibrant lime green color. It fit wonderfully with the natural theme of the line, and it stood out. How wonderful would it have been if the Leaf+ line had been made in an equally vibrant orange? Can you think of the pandemonium that would’ve broken out amongst sex toy lovers if a brand offered toys in not one, but two of the most underused colors in the market? It could have been beautiful.

Wishful thinking about the color aside, the Leaf+ is a really well designed vibrator. The shape and size are absolutely perfect, easy to hold onto even when it’s slippery with lube. It’s controlled by a single button on the front. The Leaf+ arrives factory locked, which means that the first time you use it, you need to hold this button down for four seconds before you can turn it on. From there, you can press the button to cycle through the three speeds and two patterns. I wasn’t a big fan of either of the patterns, but I’m usually not a fan in general, so your mileage may vary. There’s a wave pattern, where the intensity of the vibrations ramps up and down continuously, and a pulse, with four quick bursts of strong vibration followed by a lower rumble. I wasn’t a big fan of either of the patterns. There were just too many pauses for me. But I’m super picky about patterns in my vibrators, so your mileage may vary. The Leaf+ also has a travel lock to prevent it from suddenly turning on in your luggage! And the battery is really impressive – it takes about 2.5 hours to charge, but lasts for 4. I’ve had it for a month, and I haven’t had to charge it so far, event with the frequent use it’s been getting.

My favorite part of the design, though, is the way the tip delivers such amazing, pinpoint vibrations. The way it hones in on my clit is a miracle. I can get gentle, super pinpoint vibrations by resting just the tip on my clit, or I can use the curved design to sort of “scoop” it up a little bit for more pressure and broader stimulation. The cute, curved shape is perfectly designed so that the buttons are easy to push, but I never hit them accidentally. The fact that it’s so easy to use with one hand has made it my new favorite vibrator to use with my dildos, like the Bound – if I want to change speeds, I can do it quickly and easily while continuing to thrust. And it’s more than willing to share the stage! The tip is the only thing that’s really ever touching me, so the rest of the vibrator stays up and out of the way during G-spot shenanigans. The vibrations themselves are also really impressive, especially for such a small toy. They do get a bit more buzzy on the third and highest speed, but there’s enough underlying rumble to keep me very happy.

After pining after it for so long, I’m so glad the Life+ turned out to be everything I hoped it would be. It’s strong, it’s ergonomic, and it delivers the most precise vibrations I’ve ever felt. And it’s just so cute and cheerful! I’m happy to say I honestly can’t think of a single negative thing to say about this toy. And, because Sexy Time Toys is just so wonderful, you can use the coupon code LEAF15 to get 15% any toy in the Leaf range!

Thank you so much to Sexy Time Toys for providing me with the Life+ in exchange for an honest review!



The great people over at Lovehoney sent me the 7 Inch Curved Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup ages ago, but, like a bad blogger, I kept putting off doing the actual review. It wasn’t because it was a bad product – it’s a more complicated problem that that. I just couldn’t really reach a decision on whether or not I liked it. It has so much to offer: a semi-realistic but abstract design, a beautiful curve, a bunch of great features. But there were also some things about it my body decidedly was not into.

Ultimately, I just decided to share my feelings, ambiguous as they may be, and let you decide if you think it’s right for you.


My vagina is conflicted.

The 7 Inch Curved Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup is made of body safe pure silicone with a beautiful, silky texture. I like it even more that my beloved Satisify Me G-Spot Silicone Dildo. It feels very similar to LELO’s silicone. The 7 Inch Curved Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup is, as the name suggests, seven inches in length. The head of the dildo is very slim, and the shaft widens toward the base. It boasts a pronounced curve, bullet cavity, and suction cup. The dildo itself is quite firm, but flexible, with a bit of squish to it, especially in the head.

There were a lot of things about this dildo that I really did like. The suction cup worked really well, especially on flat surfaces like my glass table or tiled shower. It didn’t stay attached too well to uneven surfaces like a painted wall, but that’s pretty standard for a suction cup dildo. The firmness and curve of the dildo also lend themselves very well to suction cup use: it stays upright, making it easy to back up against or ride. The bullet cavity is a bit shallow, especially for longer vibrators like the Tango, but works well enough and does a good job of transmitting the vibrations all throughout the dildo.


Solidly in place on my shower wall

There’s also one area in which this dildo undeniably kicked ass and took names – harness compatibility. I recently finally got around to getting a harness for myself – a full coverage style. When it arrived, I immediately grabbed every harness compatible dildo I owned, giddy with visions of jaunty silicone boners. I was a little disappointed to find that most of them instead sort of slumped decidedly un-jauntily downwards in the harness. The 7 Inch Curved Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup was markedly different. The firmness of the dildo and the pronounced curve kept it perky, even as I jiggled it menacingly seductively at my boyfriend. While pegging is a bit outside both our comfort zones at this point, he did give me a blow job while I was wearing it, and it was pretty awesome. I slipped my Tango into the pocket behind the o-ring, and the wide base of the dildo kept it pressed firmly against me, transmitting both the vibrations and the more nuanced sensations of pressure from the blow job itself really well.

However, for all of the things I did like about it, I ended up feeling slightly underwhelmed when I used it internally. My vagina was just not into the shape of it at all. But it’s really not the dildo’s fault. I feel like if I’d had this five or so years ago, when I first started exploring penetration, I would’ve loved it. But my vagina has evolved since then, and developed a clear set of preferences, none of which line up with the design of this toy. While the curve and the firmness do a great job of targeting my G-spot, the head is too small for me to really enjoy the sensation – I just end up wishing it covered a bigger area. And the way it widens towards the base doesn’t really work for me, either. If I have the curve pointed towards my G-spot, then it’s wider horizontally than it is vertically, stretching me in a way I don’t really enjoy.

So what’s my final verdict on the 7 Inch Curved Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup? A bit complicated. Personally? I can’t seem to make up my mind. I have so much love for it in some respects, but so much indifference for it vaginally. And maybe that’s why it’s baffled me for so long. I can’t just dismiss it, but I can’t fully commit to it either. I have no doubt that there are tons of people out there who will love this dildo because of what it does for them internally, not in spite of it. Mine will just live happily in a drawer with my harness and my flavored lube, and star in many a strap on blow job.

A big thank you to Lovehoney, who sent me the 7 Inch Curved Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup in exchange for an unbiased review!

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newbetterThe Tantus Bound has confirmed something I had suspected about myself for a long time: I am a complete texture slut. My vagina adores and eagerly accepts any ripples, ridges, or bumps I throw at it. So when Tantus graciously offered to send me some of their amazing toys to review, I knew I had to have the Bound. It’s a thing of beauty: a wonderland of bulging veins, coiling ropes, and wrinkles that are scrapey in the best way. And I’m happy to report that it feels as good as it looks.

The Bound is a solidly average-sized dildo. It measures 7 inches long and is about 1.5 inches in diameter. And while that’s a bit smaller than some of my other favorites, the wealth of textures means it’s still a dildo that means business. Some of the other toys I own only have texture in some places – ripples toward the base, or a defined coronal ridge. While I love them and use them often, on some days they can leave the rest of my vagina feeling left out. The Bound however, is like a party where the theme is “ALL TEXTURE, ALL THE TIME.” But the thing I love most about it is that it’s so carefully planned out. The three coils of rope around the base stimulate my vaginal opening, the two coils under the head are perfectly positioned to hit my g-spot, and the bulging sections created by the single rope twisted around the shaft stroke the lower wall of my vagina. Nobody gets left out of the party!


A better view of the glorious details.

The Bound is anal-safe and harness compatible, with a flared base. It’s 100% platinum cure silicone, like all Tantus dildos. The feel of the silicone itself is really unique. It’s definitely not glossy, but it can’t really be called matte, either. It has its own slightly rough, skin-like texture that really highlights the details. This also means the Bound requires a little extra attention during cleaning.  Tantus recommends boiling it or popping it in the dishwasher to make sure you get it completely clean. I would especially advise this if you plan to share it with anyone, or if you’re switching between anal and vaginal use.

I have zero real complaints about this dildo. There are days occasionally when I wish it was a little bigger, but if it was, then I’d have days where it was too much for me. I think the average size was a good choice, but if one day they came out with a bigger cousin for the Bound, I would be thrilled. And while I find it a huge turn on, the hyper-realistic appearance might be a bit offputting for some. My boyfriend may have winced slightly at the sight of it. Different strokes, I suppose.

All in all, the Bound is an amazing, well thought out dildo that all texture enthusiasts should own. It’s earned a place in my favorites drawer. Thanks so much to Tantus for making my dreams come true by sending it to me!

UPDATE: This is, quite possibly, the best time ever to buy a Bound. Currently, the jet-black colored variety is on closeout, meaning that you can buy this wonderful dildo for less than thirty dollars. In addition, from now until the end of May, you can get the closeout Bound for $14.50 with any other toy. Seriously, do it. It would make me so happy if we could find loving homes for all these discount dicks.

Want your own? The Bound is available directly from Tantus!


 Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form.

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